Sustainability & ethics

Promoting the heritage of the Mediterranean means above all protecting its environment. We believe that small-scale steps lead to large-scale changes, this is why we are aware of the consequences of every decision that we make. From manufacturing to distribution, the brand follows a short circuit that limits the carbon footprint of its pieces.

Partners are chosen based on their commitment to protect the environmental and social values ​​to which we adhere. Focused on transmission and sharing, La Makanerie calls on workshops holding an artisanal know-how of excellence which promotes and perpetuates precious traditional techniques.

Fabrics, materials and energy

Silk and wool

The pieces are created exclusively from natural materials, in La Makanerie's partner workshop located in Italy in the Como region, renowned leader in the silk industry in Europe. All of the square collections are made with GOTS certified fabrics, the most comprehensive certification in terms of environmental and social responsibility worldwide. In the current market, GOTS certification is the only one to include strict criteria throughout the fabric production chain.

  • Any GOTS certified fabric must be made from raw materials from organic agriculture or breeding.
  • Energy consumption during the production, harvesting and processing of these raw materials is drastically reduced compared to conventional fabrics not certified or certified by other organizations. Greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the climate are therefore reduced.
  • No toxic chemicals are used during the production of GOTS fabrics, and wastewater resulting from processing procedures is treated.
  • Worker rights and protection are also a key element of GOTS certification. Any GOTS fabric guarantees that the personnel responsible for its production work in correct conditions and that their health is protected.

Learn more about GOTS certification


Handmade in a specialized workshop located in the Paris region, our boxes contain no plastic and are made from 70% recycled cardboard. The paper that covers them is made from fibers from sustainable forestry. Made by a master papermaker based in the south of France, the tissue paper wrapping the pieces is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, made up of virgin fibers also coming from sustainably managed forests.

The partner companies to whom we have entrusted the creation of our boxes are labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. Created in 2005 to distinguish French companies with excellent artisanal and industrial know-how, this State label helps prevent the disappearance of exceptional economic and cultural talents.


The decarbonization of transport networks is today a major global issue. An increasing number of technologies that could replace fossil-based fuels are emerging on the international scene. While awaiting market developments which will make it possible to work exclusively with electric vehicles and bio-fuel, La Makanerie chooses carriers committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their delivery network. This choice allows the brand to sponsor:

  • Carrier investment in alternative fuels and sustainable packaging
  • Their effort to decarbonize their premises
  • Their strategy for improving delivery routes in order to reduce the resulting greenhouse gas emissions

​In France and abroad, distribution is ensured without an intermediary other than the chosen carrier. Orders are sent in padded paper sleeves, 100% recyclable and containing no plastic.

Digital ID

Consuming ethically means above all having access to clear and authentic information. It also means being aware of the lifecycle of a product: from design to end-of-life, ensuring it is easy for our customers to care and maintain, repair, and transform to new products when it is no longer reparable.

La Makanerie works daily to reduce the impact of its products and business operations. In partnership with MĀDI, we are working towards a more transparent and responsible industry.

The 100% twill Acqua and Amarezza squares from the “Bella Ciao” ​​collection have a QR code attached giving access to their digital identity at a quick scan. Would you like to learn about the environmental impact of your scarf, have more information on its maintenance or need to repair it? These services are accessible in seconds, thanks to a network of verified and geolocated local partners.