Sister stories

Founded in 2021 by Rachel and Théa Allary, La Makanerie was born from the love of two sisters for their region of origin.

Rachel is trained in project management and has worked in different countries in the Mediterranean basin. A graduate in plant biology and microbiology, Théa is a scientific analyst and writer. Her expertise drives the heart of La Makanerie’s environmental approach. 



With roots on both sides of the Mediterranean, the two sisters combine their experience and know-how to answer the question that drives them: if the Mediterranean were a woman, what would she look like? 

"We come from several generations of women entrepreneurs and teachers who, each in their own field, have sought to connect to their Mediterranean identity. The notion of heritage is at the heart of our work."

To speak of heritage is above all to listen, to give a voice to the craftswomen of our culture. The brand's guiding principle follows the red thread of this imaginary sea shore that runs uninterrupted along the Mediterranean coastline. Who are the women who walk along it? What are their stories? What happens on the other side?

"The corniche is a cobbled pedestrian street that runs alongside the sea. We've always imagined it as endless, circular, crossing the many countries that border the Mediterranean coast. It's the perfect place to mix and mingle, where everyone comes together for a stroll. This is where La Makanerie blossomed: from the inexhaustible source of inspiration that the fabrics of the women of the corniche represent for us".

From their fascination with fabrics, Rachel and Théa particularly remember the infinite variations of the scarf. It is a world in itself, a timeless witness to the evolution of society, history and fashion. Worn by everyone, since time immemorial and in every circumstance. It is the perfect gift, the luxurious touch to everyday life, the jewel of self-affirmation.


La Makanerie stands out for its passion for craftsmanship, for the environment, for creation that takes time to be born from the most beautiful materials. In contact with those who imagine, who create, who tell, who pass on... La Makanerie's brushes draw the contours of its Mediterranean daydreams, between values and know-how

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